Transit Fare Strategy Feedback is Now Open Till April 10

Ever considered how much you pay to take the bus, or how much you would pay for the bus if you took it? Well, this will be a good time to share any thoughts you have about Guelph Transit’s fare system because the long-expected Fare Strategy has now come to the people for feedback. From now until April 10, the City of Guelph is asking for input on a variety of matters in regards to transit fares.

“The fare strategy is an in-depth review of Guelph’s Transit’s fare system including our fare programs and policies, pricing payment options and fare structures,” said the City’s media release. “The strategy sets out how decisions about the fare system are made, helps us modernize our transit service, looks at how to get more people riding Guelph Transit, and identifies new revenue sources to help keep transit affordable.”

The goal of the survey is to find out what kinds of fare programs would make transit more accessible, how changes to fares might make transit better, how best to encourage more people to take transit, and to how best to create a more equitable fare structure. The survey is now open on the City’s Have Your Say site until April 10, but Transit will also be doing in-person polls at Guelph Central Station and Stone Road Mall in that time.

There will also be opportunities to give feedback both virtually and in-person. There will four in-person open houses on March 26, March 28, March 31 and April 3 where people will be able to ask questions of staff, and there will be three virtual workshops via Webex on March 29, April 2 and April 6. The virtual workshops will also be broadcast on Facebook Live from the City of Guelph’s page.

The City of Guelph sent a separate notice to people who have a register OnYourWay fare card asking them to take part in Fare Strategy.

April is a busy month for Transit with the Fare Strategy now in progress and the initiation of the new affordable bus pass strategy. Starting April 1 there will be three different tiers of affordable bus pass, the cheapest being $4 and the most expensive is $37.50. Eligibility will continue to be determined as income below the Low-Income Cut-off (LICO), and deeper subsidies can be offered based on level of income as a percentage of LICO. All current affordable bus pass holders will receive a notice identifying their new rate.

If you currently have an affordable bus pass, and you are eligible for a different rate, it will require you to get a new OnYourWay card before April 1. To get a new one, you can visit ServiceGuelph at City Hall or Guelph Transit’s administration office at 170 Watson Road South anytime on weekdays between 8:30 am to 4 pm. Guelph Transit will also have staff available at Guelph Central Station on platform 22 from March 28 to April 1 from 10:30 am to 4 pm.

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