Schreiner Pushes For Transit Fare Cuts While ONgov Raises Highways Speed Limits

You may have heard that gas prices are going up. International pressures mean that the cost of filling up your car is more expensive than usual, so wouldn’t it be nice if the government gave you a break while doing something positive for the environment at the same time? Guelph MPP and Green Party leader Mike Schreiner has an idea about that, meanwhile, the Ontario government wants you to go faster (in select locations). Continue reading “Schreiner Pushes For Transit Fare Cuts While ONgov Raises Highways Speed Limits”

Guelph’s LGBTQ+ Community Not Pleased with New Police Diversity Officers

Police services around North America have been challenged in the last year to do better outreach with marginalized groups, and the Guelph Police Service is no exception. A recently-launched police program meant to promote better relations between the police and minority groups is now coming under criticism though with one group of residents saying that the Guelph Police never consulted their community in the first place. Continue reading “Guelph’s LGBTQ+ Community Not Pleased with New Police Diversity Officers”

Mercer Endorses Mask Mandate at Upper Grand School Board

As we inch closer to the school year, parents and educators (and students as well) are wondering what in-class learning will look like when the kids start going back the day after Labour Day. As Guelph and area’s separate school board works out the details, the Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Medical Officer of Health is offering her two cents and endorsing the call to have students mask up. Continue reading “Mercer Endorses Mask Mandate at Upper Grand School Board”

Guelph & District Labour Council Supports Call for More Money

For the last several weeks, various advocacy groups have been making the case that Canada’s municipalities desperately need bailout money from upper levels of government to avoid service cuts at the end of the year. In an open letter sent to Guelph Politico from the President of the Guelph & District Labour Council, that group is adding their voices to the call. Continue reading “Guelph & District Labour Council Supports Call for More Money”

New Year’s Message from GCL

Happy New Year! Now let’s talk about the election.

Just kidding. (Sort of.) As you undoubtedly know (and since you’re reading this blog, I assume you do know), 2014 is a Municipal Election year. So the time is right to start a discussion of the important issues facing Guelph this year, and how we’re going to promote greater voter engagement and get out the vote this fall. But where to begin? How about at the Annual General Meeting for the Guelph Civic League. The details for next week’s meeting can be found in the open letter from the GCL below. Continue reading “New Year’s Message from GCL”