CITY PAGES: The Museum, Feedback, and Money For Small Businesses

The City of Guelph puts out a lot of information on a weekly basis, and while it all ends up on the City’s website somewhere, wouldn’t it be easier to just scroll through it all on one easy-to-read article on Guelph Politico here…? Continue reading “CITY PAGES: The Museum, Feedback, and Money For Small Businesses”

Baker District Planning Back on With Virtual Open House

Just because you’re stuck at home, and City facilities are closed, it doesn’t mean that you can’t participate in the long-term plans for the Baker District Redevelopment. Until the end of the month, you can review the latest documents and information about the City’s plan for Baker Street, and present your feedback in return. Assuming you like City engagement on your computer. Continue reading “Baker District Planning Back on With Virtual Open House”

City Wants Feedback on Reloadable Fair Card

Coming soon to a Guelph Transit bus near you, a reloadable transit pass. The cards will function in the same way as the Metrolinx Presto Cards, but there are still so many unanswered questions that the City of Guelph would like to you to help them answer. Continue reading “City Wants Feedback on Reloadable Fair Card”