McSherry Will Run for the PCs in Guelph in 2022

It’s been a busy week for candidates being acclaimed for next year’s election. The 2022 Ontario General Election is a little over nine months away, but Guelph now has three officially declared candidates with the addition of the Liberal candidate earlier this week, and now a Progressive Conservative candidate. Will either of them have the electoral clout to defeat the incumbent Guelph Member of Provincial Parliament? Continue reading “McSherry Will Run for the PCs in Guelph in 2022”

Local Liberals Acclaim Raechelle Devereaux for Next Year’s Election

It was an all-star Zoom affair on Monday night as Guelph Liberals acclaimed their candidate and launched their new election campaign. To be precise, this is for the Provincial election next year when voters decide the next government at Queen’s Park. As expected, Guelph Community Health Centre CEO Raechelle Devereaux will carry the baton for the Ontario Liberals in 2022, and the expectations of her colleagues are very high. Continue reading “Local Liberals Acclaim Raechelle Devereaux for Next Year’s Election”

Schreiner Tells AMO Conference That Greens Have Got Their Back

On the last day of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario’s annual conference, Guelph MPP and Mike Schreiner got his chance to assume the virtual stage and talk to the delegates. Schreiner’s focus was that Greens aren’t just the people that municipalities should turn to for environmental issues, but that they have a plan for housing and other areas necessary for the post-pandemic recovery. Continue reading “Schreiner Tells AMO Conference That Greens Have Got Their Back”

Ford Kicks Off AMO Touting Ontario as COVID Success Story

This week is the annual Association of Municipalities of Ontario conference, which typically takes place live and in-person in Ottawa, but for the second year in a row the whole thing is being held virtually. As usual, the Premier of Ontario kicked things off with a speech, and Doug Ford began AMO 2021 on a positive note touting Ontario’s success overcoming COVID-19 thanks to strong provincial/municipal relations. Continue reading “Ford Kicks Off AMO Touting Ontario as COVID Success Story”

Schreiner Joins Chorus Demanding Vaccine Passports for Ontario

The increasing COVID-19 case counts, the threat of the Delta variant, and the difficulty getting the last 25-30 per cent of the province fully vaccinated is prompting people to push the Government of Ontario to implement a certification program for people who have received their vaccines, aka: a so-called “vaccine passport.” One of the latest people adding their support to that idea is none other than Guelph MPP Mike Schreiner. Continue reading “Schreiner Joins Chorus Demanding Vaccine Passports for Ontario”

Ford Government Loses Appeal on Student Choice Initiative

Chalk up another loss in court for the Premier Doug Ford and the Government of Ontario as the Ontario Court of Appeal has ruled that a lower court was right to overturn the Student Choice Initiative. Although there is some disagreement between the courts about the rationale, the Court of Appeal affirmed that the lower court was right on the basic fact: the Student Choice Initiative is no good. Continue reading “Ford Government Loses Appeal on Student Choice Initiative”

Knives Already Out for Ontario Government’s Back to School Plan

Although it will not be formally announced until Wednesday, Ontario’s opposition parties are already unimpressed with the Government of Ontario’s back to school plan. No Ontario school students have received in-person learning since the end of March due to the third wave of COVID-19, and opposition politicians are concerned that the government is showing a dearth of pre-planning just one month ahead of the new school year. Continue reading “Knives Already Out for Ontario Government’s Back to School Plan”

Opposition Parties Want to Know About the Pandemic Plan for Fall

Across Ontario, new COVID-19 cases are as low as they’ve been since the pandemic started, and the vaccine rollout is proceeding at a quick clip with now the majority of Ontario fully vaccinated, but there are some lingering questions. Are we prepared for a potential resurgence of the virus in the fall? It’s a question all opposition parties are asking now that we’re just six weeks away from the start of the school year. Continue reading “Opposition Parties Want to Know About the Pandemic Plan for Fall”

Schreiner Joins Chorus Demanding an End to Marineland

A recent media report about animals in distress due to poor water quality at one of Niagara Falls’ star attractions has put renewed pressure on Marineland. For the last several years, numerous environmental and animal rights advocates and groups have been demanding the park’s closure, and they now have a powerful political voice in their corner, the leader of the Ontario Green Party. Continue reading “Schreiner Joins Chorus Demanding an End to Marineland”

Horwath Comes to Guelph in Campaign-Style Announcement

In a campaign-style announcement on Thursday morning, Official Opposition leader Andrea Horwath landed in Guelph with a couple of her NDP colleagues to talk about her party’s plan to promote the use of electric vehicles. The setting, next to some EV charging stations, was not subtle, and neither was the political message. In the home of Ontario’s first Green MPP, Horwath wanted to make the point that she’ll be better on the environment file. Continue reading “Horwath Comes to Guelph in Campaign-Style Announcement”