Healthcare Workers are “Crying Out for a Life Raft”

Another weekend in Ontario means another weekend of hospital closures as healthcare workers struggle again to cover widening gaps in the system, and they’re crying out for help. This was the message from representatives of healthcare worker unions and advocacy groups at a media availability on Friday as they laid out a five-point plan the Provincial government could take to turn the issue around right now. Continue reading “Healthcare Workers are “Crying Out for a Life Raft””

Pressure Increases on Provincial Government to Act on Healthcare Issues

After white-knuckling through a long weekend where at least 14 Ontario hospitals experienced closures or capacity issues, all eyes have turned to the Provincial government as demands get louder for immediate action. Even after a series of media interviews by the new health minister, plus a rare mid-summer appearance of the premier at an event this morning, there’s still no sign that the government is getting in a crisis mode. Continue reading “Pressure Increases on Provincial Government to Act on Healthcare Issues”

Elliott Announces More Hospital Help as Everyone Worries About Schools

On Tuesday, Ontario Health Minister Christine Elliott announced some new measures to buttress the province’s healthcare workforce as the ravages of Omicron continue to pile up. Alternatively though, the story of the day was not about hospitals, it was about schools. The official announcement about the return to in-person learning in Ontario schools is tomorrow, but today the news about about more nurses got drowned out. Continue reading “Elliott Announces More Hospital Help as Everyone Worries About Schools”