New Ontario Budget Almost the Same as the Old One

It was a busy day at Queen’s Park as the Lieutenant Governor delivered the Speech from the Throne, and then the Government of Ontario re-delivered the 2022 provincial budget. There were a few slight tweaks between the one delivered back in April and the one that now awaits passage nearly six months after the start of the Province’s fiscal year, but there was one particular point of interest that got the most attention. Continue reading “New Ontario Budget Almost the Same as the Old One”

Ontario’s 2021 Budget Focuses on Pandemic, Pandemic Relief and Vaccines

“Protecting People’s Health and the Economy” is the title on the 2021 -2022 Ontario Budget. Billed as “the second Budget the government has delivered during the pandemic,” and the first Budget for current Minister of Finance Peter Bethlenfalvy, the Government of Ontario aimed to address ongoing issues with the pandemic and province-wide vaccination program. The tally for the next fiscal year: $186 billion. Continue reading “Ontario’s 2021 Budget Focuses on Pandemic, Pandemic Relief and Vaccines”

Despite the Pandemic, Guelph and Area Adds 500 More to “Sunshine List”

Despite the economic issues stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, local Guelph and area governments and agencies added more than 500 more names to the so-called “Sunshine List” in 2020. The yearly disclosure of the government workers in the province making 100,000 or more was boosted largely by medical fields, but the number of employees on the list in almost all agencies went up. Continue reading “Despite the Pandemic, Guelph and Area Adds 500 More to “Sunshine List””

Ontario Government Announces More Money for Municipalities

Municipal governments, including the City of Guelph, have been keeping up the pressure against the upper levels of government, and have been demanding more fiscal assistance to combat the negative effects of COVID-19 on the local bottom line. On Thursday, the Government of Ontario opened their own pockets to offer assistance, and they challenged the Federal government to be equally generous. Continue reading “Ontario Government Announces More Money for Municipalities”

Number of Guelph Names on the Sunshine List Down From Last Year

In the midst of a national health crisis, the Government of Ontario made time to release the annual Public Sector Salary Disclosure, aka: the “Sunshine List.” Since 1996, the Provincial government has released salary information for anyone who works for the government making $100,000 a year or more, and this year, the number of names on the list for Guelph went down by 89. Continue reading “Number of Guelph Names on the Sunshine List Down From Last Year”

Ontario Government Gives Cities More Money… For Audits

After weeks of cuts stemming from the Provincial budget, Premier Doug Ford has decided to take a new tact for municipal finances: we’ll pay you to have auditors find cost savings! Continue reading “Ontario Government Gives Cities More Money… For Audits”