Farbridge Gambles on Another Term as Mayor

Today at City Hall, the woman who currently holds the keys to the Mayor’s office made her bid to hold on those keys by announcing her intention to run for another term. If successful, this would be Farbride’s third consecutive term, fourth overall, but arguably she will have much stiffer competition this year than she did in 2010.

Farbridge’s campagin kick-off event took place in the foyer of City Hall this morning. In front of a gathered group of supporters, she offered a few accomplishments she’s proud of from her time as mayor before declaring that she will be on the 2014 ballot. “My focus has always been to do more with less – to remain affordable while delivering better outcomes for individuals, families and the community,” she said. “That takes vision. It takes hard work and experience. And, not least of all, it takes persistence. It is for these reasons that I am proud to declare my candidacy for another term as Mayor of this great city.”

Outlining some of the accomplishments of her term, including a lower debt, a higher credit rating, a diversity in public and private investment locally, Farbridge said that Guelph’s trademark is to come up with solutions to problems faced in a modern city with a tact that’s “caring, collaborative and innovative.”

“So I stand before you – not with vague promises – but a record – a record of delivering an exceptional city – not as superwoman – but with full recognition that I am part of a team – a member of Council, a member of our local government and a member of this community,” she said in summation.

Frabridge will face off in a mayoral race that already includes Ward 4 Councillor Cam Guthrie, John Legere and Nicholas A. Ross, who all declared last week.

In other election news, several new candidates have been added to the city council ballots. On Monday, the Ward 3 race officially opened up with two nominees joining the race, Bob Moore and Craig Chamberlain. This will be Chamberlain’s third campaign having run in 2006 and 2010, but his enthusiasm is apparent in a post announcing his candidacy on his blog. If elected, Chamberlain promises greater community engagement, accessibility, and smart development.

“I ask the citizens of Ward 3 to trust me with their on-line vote or with their vote at the polls,” he writes. “I ask Ward 3 citizens to trust that I will honour their vote with everything I say and do in my capacity as their councillor if elected. I will work hard for you.”

In other wards, Sian Matwey became the first person to announced their candidacy in Ward 2. So far, the only incumbent councillor to submit their intent to run for re-election is Lise Burcher in Ward 5. The races in Ward 1, 4, and 6 so far remain candidate-less.

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