Better Ballot Hopes to Promote Better Behaviour in Fall Campaign

Minutes before the final City Council meeting before the Municipal Election, a group of Guelph citizens gathered to encourage candidates and voters alike to be on their best behaviour and avoid the harassment, and the perpetuation of harassment, while on the campaign trail for the next several weeks. Continue reading “Better Ballot Hopes to Promote Better Behaviour in Fall Campaign”

GUELPH POLITICAST #113 – The Guelph-Wellington Women’s Campaign School

According to the United Nations, the make-up of any government requires 30 per cent representation by women in order to assure that the concerns of women are well reflected. In Guelph, four of the 13 members of our city council are women, which puts us at just over that 30 per cent mark. That’s good, but we can be doing better.  Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #113 – The Guelph-Wellington Women’s Campaign School”

VIDEO: Guelphites Walk for Freedom, and to End Human Trafficking

In a world that is already often dark and disturbing, we rarely like to be reminded of how dark and disturbing it can really be. Guelphites though dared to challenge that darkness Saturday morning by Walking for Freedom, in an event aimed to raise awareness of, and help put a stop to human trafficking. Continue reading “VIDEO: Guelphites Walk for Freedom, and to End Human Trafficking”