Attendance at Advanced Polls Up Says Elections Canada

The big question in this campaign, aside from all the issue-based questions, is how many people are going to come out to the polls in the middle of the pandemic’s fourth wave. Well, they certainly showed up for the advanced polls if a first glance at numbers from Elections Canada are to be believed as the early voting period in this election has seemed to yield a 20 per cent increase in turnout over 2019. Continue reading “Attendance at Advanced Polls Up Says Elections Canada”

Here are the Candidates for Guelph and Wellington-Halton Hills

There’s an election on (in case you didn’t know), and if you’re planning on voting on or before September 20, then you will need to know who’s on the ballot. Per Elections Canada, with nominations having closed on Monday, here’s who’s running, and what party they’re running for, in the 2021 Federal Election for the ridings of Guelph and Wellington-Halton Hills. Continue reading “Here are the Candidates for Guelph and Wellington-Halton Hills”

Elections Canada CEO Says You Can Talk Climate Change Partisan-Free

The day after Canadian environmental groups voiced their concern that Elections Canada was going to classify any discussion about climate change as potentially partisan, the CEO of Elections Canada says talk is free, but paid ads means groups have to register as third-party advertisers. Continue reading “Elections Canada CEO Says You Can Talk Climate Change Partisan-Free”

GUELPH POLITICAST #183 – Getting Critical on ‘Get Out the Vote!’

Every four years, Elections Canada runs a “Get Out the Vote” appeal that’s meant to encourage everyone to cast their ballot on the appointed day, but at best, it seems like only 60 per cent of us get that message. Is there a way to send that message better, and more to the point, are we sending out the wrong message and/or sending it the wrong way? Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #183 – Getting Critical on ‘Get Out the Vote!’”

Guelphites Rally Against Vote Suppression Pre-Election

With a little less than a week to go before the election, Fair Vote Guelph and the Guelph chapter of Council of Canadians invited people to come down to a rally against voter suppression downtown in front of Old Quebec Street Mall. There, in front of what Michael Keefer called the “crime scene,” between 40 and 50 Guelphites recalled what happened in the last election, and promised to be onguard for any shenanigans that may occur on Monday. Continue reading “Guelphites Rally Against Vote Suppression Pre-Election”

The Official Ballot for Guelph for #elxn42

The last day to submit your nomination papers to become a candidate in the 42nd Canadian General Election was Monday. Today, Elections Canada released the final list of candidates for your consideration this election. When you go to vote on October 19 (or before), this is what your ballot will look like: Continue reading “The Official Ballot for Guelph for #elxn42”

Elections Canada Hosting Pilot Project on 40 Campuses; U of G Will Be One

It’s a problem just about every election cycle, getting young people to the polls and casting their vote. Students especially are part of this struggle because if the election in question takes place while they’re away from their home riding, they’ll have to either vote in their school’s riding, or vote via absentee ballot back home. As fate would have it, Elections Canada is making it easier this year by hosting several days of advanced polls where students can cast ballots that will count in their home ridings. Continue reading “Elections Canada Hosting Pilot Project on 40 Campuses; U of G Will Be One”

Robocall Townhall Shows Community Still Worried

Are you worried about another robocall scandal? Judging from the turnout at a townhall at St. James Anglican Church here in Guelph today, a lot of us are. Between 80 and 100 people showed up for the event organized by Fair Vote Guelph and the St. James’ Environment and Social Justice Committee, and on the eve of the start of the last parliamentary session before the 2015 election, it sure sounded like there was still a lot to be concerned about even after the conviction of Michael Sona last summer. A combination of politicians, experts and ordinary citizens came out to remember how we got here, and what we should be on the look out next. Continue reading “Robocall Townhall Shows Community Still Worried”