Robocall Townhall Shows Community Still Worried

Are you worried about another robocall scandal? Judging from the turnout at a townhall at St. James Anglican Church here in Guelph today, a lot of us are. Between 80 and 100 people showed up for the event organized by Fair Vote Guelph and the St. James’ Environment and Social Justice Committee, and on the eve of the start of the last parliamentary session before the 2015 election, it sure sounded like there was still a lot to be concerned about even after the conviction of Michael Sona last summer. A combination of politicians, experts and ordinary citizens came out to remember how we got here, and what we should be on the look out next. Continue reading “Robocall Townhall Shows Community Still Worried”

GUELPH POLITICAST #14 – Jason Blokhuis, Mayoral Candidate

Jason Blokhuis came into the Guelph Mayor’s race hoping to shake things up, and break open what sometimes feels like a two man (so to speak) race. The University of Waterloo prof thinks that the choice in this election need not come down to one between the status quo of Karen Farbridge versus the populist appeal of Councillor Cam Guthrie. Instead, he wants to make an appeal for smarter government, a point of view that says maybe we can be the progressive city we know and love while still being shrewd and prudent with how we spend our tax money. A controversial opinion to be sure. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #14 – Jason Blokhuis, Mayoral Candidate”

New Candidate Aims to Shake Up Mayor’s Race

A new candidate who entered the mayoral race this week hopes to shake things up, and he’s making a pretty big noise as he’s filing his papers. University of Waterloo professor Jason Blokhuis is the sixth candidate to declare for the mayor’s race in Guelph this election cycle, and he’s making a play to position himself as a middle path between incumbent Karen Farbridge and her immediate challenger Cam Guthrie. Continue reading “New Candidate Aims to Shake Up Mayor’s Race”