Here are the Candidates for Guelph and Wellington-Halton Hills

There’s an election on (in case you didn’t know), and if you’re planning on voting on or before September 20, then you will need to know who’s on the ballot. Per Elections Canada, with nominations having closed on Monday, here’s who’s running, and what party they’re running for, in the 2021 Federal Election for the ridings of Guelph and Wellington-Halton Hills.


Michelle Bowman, Green Party of Canada
Tristan Dineen, Communist Party of Canada
Aisha Jahangir, New Democratic Party
Joshua Leier, People’s Party of Canada
Karen Levenson, Animal Protection Party of Canada
Lloyd Longfield, Liberal Party of Canada
Ashish Sachan, Conservative Party

Wellington-Halton Hills

Syl Carle, People’s Party of Canada
Michael Chong, Conservative Party of Canada
Noor Jahangir, New Democratic Party
Melanie Lang, Liberal Party of Canada
Ran Zhu, Green Party of Canaday of Canada

On Tuesday, Elections Canada said that voter information cards are on their way to Canadian voters, and that everyone in the country should have them by September 10, which is not coincidentally the first day of advanced voting for this election. Mail-in voting is also an option in this election, and you can find out how to do that here.

If you plan on voting in person, Elections Canada is advising voters that some of the usual polling locations are not available due to the pandemic. The voter information cards have been mailed out as polling locations have been confirmed, but since pandemic conditions can change rapidly, there’s also a caveat.

“Due to unforeseen circumstances, the location of some polling stations may change after the voter information cards are mailed. Whenever possible, electors assigned to such polling stations will receive another voter information card with the words “Replacement Card” printed on the bottom right corner,” said an Elections Canada statement.

You can also vote any day up to Tuesday September 14 at the local Elections Canada returning office at 1-292 Speedvale Avenue West from 9 am to 9 pm.

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