Guelph Gets Boost in Gas Tax Funds; Needs Help With Transport Master Plan

Transit is an area of municipal services that’s been hit especially hard by the pandemic. Revenue has cratered because ridership is way down, so now would be the perfect time for the City of Guelph and other municipalities to hear that they’re getting more money to cover the cost. In an announcement today, Guelph received nearly $100,000 more in Gas Tax money from the Government of Ontario, and there’s more transportation news to consider. Continue reading “Guelph Gets Boost in Gas Tax Funds; Needs Help With Transport Master Plan”

More Food Trucks in Guelph? Have Your Say

Interested in having more variety in terms of mobile food options? Well, the City of Guelph wants you’re feedback in regards to food trucks, and the by-laws that allow or prevent their entry in the Guelph food scene. There’s a vexing lack of food trucks in the city, but in many cities there’s a tension between that side of the business and more traditional restaurants, and it would be safe to say that Guelph is no exception. So is the city opening a can of worms with this debate? Perhaps, but regardless, the city is looking for feedback on the issue. Continue reading “More Food Trucks in Guelph? Have Your Say”