RECAP: TAC Hears Next Steps for Fare Review and Central Station Upgrades

At the month’s Transit Advisory Committee meeting they looked towards the future. With the business of passing the new fare strategy concluded last month at city council, staff are now implementing the plan and there was an update about that process. There was also an update about the pending upgrades to the shelters at Guelph Central Station, and did you know that Guelph now has two electric buses being shaken down? You will if you read the recap! Continue reading “RECAP: TAC Hears Next Steps for Fare Review and Central Station Upgrades”

MEETING PREVIEW: Transit Advisory Committee Meeting for May 18, 2023

This month’s Transit Advisory Meeting will catch up on some recent transit developments outside the committee room and then talk about what’s next. Since last month’s TAC meeting, city council formally passed the transit fare review so what happens now? In other matters, transit staff will talk about future plans, rider concerns, schedule changes, and, naturally, what’s going on with the electric bus. Continue reading “MEETING PREVIEW: Transit Advisory Committee Meeting for May 18, 2023”

GUELPH POLITICAST #342 – A Conversation About Systemic Ableism

There was a Guelph man named Matthew Wozenilek who passed away in 2016. He was well-known for his “Stop Ableism” campaign, a one-man effort to make Guelph more accessible one fight at a time, including a case against Elections Canada at the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal. The awareness raised did make people more mindful of barriers to physical accessibility. So we all lived happily ever after, right? Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #342 – A Conversation About Systemic Ableism”

Bookshelf to Launch Campaign to Be More Accessible

One of Guelph’s most well-known cultural landmarks is about to get a facelift, and it will be one that will make the facility accessible to all. Later this week, the Bookshelf will announce a campaign to raise funds to renovate and make it’s second floor amenities accessible to patrons with physical disabilities. Continue reading “Bookshelf to Launch Campaign to Be More Accessible”