City Moves to Absorb Quarry Site, and Ask for MZO to Do It

It’s not going to be a lazy summer at Guelph City Council as the next several weeks they, along with the Township of Guelph/Eramosa and the County of Wellington, will determine the fate of an issue that ties all three governments together. Guelph is ready to absorb the site of the Dolime Quarry and make it a part of the city proper, but there’s an obstacle course of meetings they have to run through to make it happen. Continue reading “City Moves to Absorb Quarry Site, and Ask for MZO to Do It”

City of Guelph and GRCA Both Send Out Water Warnings

It’s already been a long hot summer, even if you haven’t noticed while being under quarantine, and because of all the hot and dry weather lately, both the City of Guelph and the Grand River Conservation Authority are taking action to enact water preservation measures. In Guelph, that means taking things up to level 1 yellow, and for the GRCA that means telling everyone in the watershed to take it easy. Continue reading “City of Guelph and GRCA Both Send Out Water Warnings”

Nestlé Waters Bugs Out of Canada, as Ontario Looks to Change the Rules

It was the news that water protectors and environmentalists have long waited to hear, the announcement that Nestlé is getting out of the bottled water business, or at least the “Pure Life” brand of bottled water that is taken from so many wells and aquifers in our area. The news comes on the heels of the Government of Ontario’s announcement that they’re seeking input on enhancing water quality programs that will affect the bottling industry. Continue reading “Nestlé Waters Bugs Out of Canada, as Ontario Looks to Change the Rules”

City Ready to Move to Next Phase of Dolime Solution

The City of Guelph has announced that they’ve wrapped up their nine-week run of public engagement on the proposed deal to close the Dolime Quarry, bring the land into the City of Guelph, and redevelop the area. Staff will now comb over the details of the feedback, and get a report ready to bring back to council sometime in the new year. Continue reading “City Ready to Move to Next Phase of Dolime Solution”

City Announces Potential Agreement to Close Dolime, Make it Guelph, and Develop It

After decades of controversy, and years of legal wrangling, the City of Guelph announced this morning that the Dolime Quarry will qclose, be absorbed into Guelph’s municipal boundaries and turned into a new residential neighbourhood. All this, of course, pending positive community feedback, plus council and provincial approvals. Continue reading “City Announces Potential Agreement to Close Dolime, Make it Guelph, and Develop It”


Guelph knows water. We’re the largest community in Canada that depends exclusively on ground water for our needs, and we’re hyper aware of the dangers to our water supply and the urgent need to protect them. You know who else knows about working hard to protect Canada’s water? You should, she pops by with impressive regularity this time of year. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #189 – Maude!”

Top 10 Guelph Political Stories of 2016

It’s that time of year for lists, a glorious time for ranking and evaluation people, places and things that happened in 2016, and Guelph Politico is no exception to the trend. So submitted for your approval below are the Top 10 Political Stories of the Year. Share. Discuss. Dissent. It’s all good. Continue reading “Top 10 Guelph Political Stories of 2016”

Maude Barlow Has Words for Guelph City Council

Guelph City Council will be deciding on how to officially respond to Nestle’s renewal for its Permit to Take Water in Aberfoyle on Monday. But if you thought the situation would pass before Maude Barlow had her say, you’d be wrong. Continue reading “Maude Barlow Has Words for Guelph City Council”

LIVE BLOG: Special Committee of the Whole on Water Taking

Water, water everywhere, but who has the right to take it? This is the questions that the committee, and about 37 delegations, will try and answer in this special meeting. You can click here for the amended agenda from City Hall, and you can click here to read Politico’s preview of today’s meeting. For the complete blow-by-blow of today’s committee meeting, you can follow me on Twitter, or follow along below via Storify. Continue reading “LIVE BLOG: Special Committee of the Whole on Water Taking”

VIDEOS: Hundreds Support Gordon Motion, Outside and In City Hall

It was standing room only at city council last night as council debated a motion by Ward 2 Councillor James Gordon asking his fellow councillors on taking a stand against Nestle and their continued water taking at their Aberfoyle bottling plant. Now city council is often compared to a carnival, but there was no denying the carnival atmosphere prior to the meeting as hundreds of people gathered in front of City Hall to sing, speak and make noise, all to push council to support Gordon and his motion. Continue reading “VIDEOS: Hundreds Support Gordon Motion, Outside and In City Hall”