More People Get to Ride Transit, But Please Wear a Mask

Since March, Guelph Transit has gone to extraordinary measures to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 by having people board and exit the bus at the rear door, blocking off seats for physical distancing, making the bus free, and limiting riders to 10 at a time. Starting Monday though one of those conditions will change. As the economy continues to re-open, and more people will depend on the bus again, more than 10 people will soon be able to ride at a time again. Continue reading “More People Get to Ride Transit, But Please Wear a Mask”

10 at a Time is the New Rule on Guelph Transit

Guelph Transit will keep rolling through the extended COVID-19 response period, but the transit service has just announced that they’re making social distancing easier on all their vehicles. Starting today, less than a dozen people at any one time will be allowed on Guelph Transit buses as part of new, stricter measures to keep people moving while not letting COVID-19 spread. Continue reading “10 at a Time is the New Rule on Guelph Transit”

Transit Announces Free Buses & Reduced Service to Fight COVID-19

Although the buses are still running, Guelph Transit has announced that they’re taking steps to protect drivers and passengers while still keeping up transit services in the midst of the continuing battle against the spread of COVID-19.As of March 18, changes will be coming to how you ride Transit, but it will also be coming with a greatly reduced price tag. Continue reading “Transit Announces Free Buses & Reduced Service to Fight COVID-19”

Gerus Says Hanlon Creek Bus Route is Still the Best Option

At Monday’s city council meeting, the horseshoe will debate a recommendation on expanding transit routes and schedules for the 2020 Guelph Budget, and of particular focus is a new route to the Hanlon Creek Business Park. Some on council are concerned about the expense, but the General Manager of Guelph Transit is firm that recommendation already made is the best direction. Continue reading “Gerus Says Hanlon Creek Bus Route is Still the Best Option”

GUELPH POLITICAST #169 – Robin Gerus, GM of Guelph Transit

On the best of days, the city’s transit system is a tough thing to manage, and in Guelph all transit matters come to the desk of General Manager Robin Gerus. On this week’s second installment of a Politicast transit double-bill, we actually go to that desk and ask Gerus directly about the present concerns and challenges of Guelph Transit. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #169 – Robin Gerus, GM of Guelph Transit”