10 at a Time is the New Rule on Guelph Transit

Guelph Transit will keep rolling through the extended COVID-19 response period, but the transit service has just announced that they’re making social distancing easier on all their vehicles. Starting today, less than a dozen people at any one time will be allowed on Guelph Transit buses as part of new, stricter measures to keep people moving while not letting COVID-19 spread.

In an announcement on Thursday morning, Guelph Transit said that stating now there will only be a maximum of 10 people allowed on the bus at any given time, and that the’re also blocking off seats so that riders will also be able to practice social distancing more easily. Perhaps most essentially, Transit is encouraging people to only ride the bus for essential travel like grocery shopping and medical appointments.

“We know service interruptions are disruptive and inconvenient, but we think it’s the best way to prevent the potential spread of COVID-19 and protect our the health and safety of our customers and employees,” said Guelph Transit’s general manager Robin Gerus in a statement.

These new measures come after the initial restrictions announced last week including the cancellation of late nite bus service and university express routes, using the back door to the bus as the main entrance and exit point, and a reduced weekday service to the Saturday schedule.

Transit will also remain free to all users until April 30.

At Monday’s emergency council meeting, DCAO for Public Services Colleen Clack said that the City was trying to balance the need to keep people moving to essential services, and dissuading any non-essential travel.

“We’ve certainly been discussing how to discourage ridership for people who do not need to use [Transit], but we want to retain our transit services for those that need it most,” Clack explained.

“As we move through this, we have seen a significant drop in ridership, we will continue to monitor our routes, and if there are routes we can scale back to further discourage people, and still make sure we can get people to those essential locations in the city, we will continue,” Clack added.

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