GUELPH POLITICAST #270 – On-Demand Transit is Lit!

Belleville is a little bigger than one-third the size of Guelph, but next month we’re going somewhere that Belleville’s been for a while. Since the invention of public transit, it’s been run simply by posting a map, scheduling the stops, and running buses and trains with regularity. It was static, it was predictable, and it was the simplest way we knew how to run a transit system. But is all that about to change? Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #270 – On-Demand Transit is Lit!”

Belleville’s Transit Manger Touts On-Demand Transit Experience

On-demand transit is coming to Guelph this spring, and that may sound scary for people who take transit because they’re not generally predisposed to accepting change. On Tuesday night, the Transit Action Alliance of Guelph (TAAG) hosted a webinar with Paul Buck, the Manager of Transit Operations for the City Belleville. His town has instituted a transit on-demand option, and he thinks it works pretty well. Continue reading “Belleville’s Transit Manger Touts On-Demand Transit Experience”

Guelph Transit Rolls Out On-Demand Transit, Ends Community Bus

It’s been a tough year for transit as ridership and revenue took a huge dip because of the global COVID-19 pandemic. Is it a good time to start experimenting with alternative delivery models for transit? We’re going to find out as Guelph Transit has announced that they’re introducing an on-demand transit model this spring for under-serviced routes, and they’re looking for help to plot the best way to do it. Continue reading “Guelph Transit Rolls Out On-Demand Transit, Ends Community Bus”