Wettstein Chooses Retirement Instead of Re-Election

As the nomination period races to a close, at least one city councillor will not be standing for re-election on October 22. Ward 6 Councillor Karl Wettstein has opted to take his leave of council at the end of November as opposed to trying for re-election for another term. Continue reading “Wettstein Chooses Retirement Instead of Re-Election”

ELECTION UPDATE: No Mayoral Competition Yet, and 3 Incumbents Yet to Announce

It’s now less than two weeks till nominations close for 2018 municipal election candidates, so it seems like a good time to review the field, and look at the trends. Will the mayor run unchallenged? Might the entire council we have now be re-elected? And who might stand in the way of making that happening? Continue reading “ELECTION UPDATE: No Mayoral Competition Yet, and 3 Incumbents Yet to Announce”

RECAP: Small But Inquisitive Group Grills Councillors at Ward 6 Town Hall

It’s sometimes hard to get people to think about municipal politics on a warm summer night, let alone come out for a town hall, but a small group of Ward 6 constituents came out to the Clair Road Emergency Services Centre to hear from Councillors Mark MacKinnon and Karl Wettstein on a myriad of topics. Here’s what we all talked about. Continue reading “RECAP: Small But Inquisitive Group Grills Councillors at Ward 6 Town Hall”

Budget 2015 Update – Opening Moves

The year started off with council already contentious about the budget process. Mayor Guthrie had announced his intention to bring a motion to the January 19 council meeting that would state that the city government should set itself the goal of not raising taxes anymore than the rate of inflation for the coming fiscal year. Of the seven councillors out of 12 that responded to the Guelph Tribune‘s request for comment, four were against the motion and three were against. Although the motion has since been delayed, some feel as though the mayor was going too far too soon. Continue reading “Budget 2015 Update – Opening Moves”

Karl Wettstein (Ward 6) – Candidate Questionnaire

Karl Wettstein has been a city concillor in Ward 6 for 11 years, and while some people might look at over a decade of public service as a job well done, Wettstein is looking to bank four more. Continue reading “Karl Wettstein (Ward 6) – Candidate Questionnaire”