Wettstein Chooses Retirement Instead of Re-Election

As the nomination period races to a close, at least one city councillor will not be standing for re-election on October 22. Ward 6 Councillor Karl Wettstein has opted to take his leave of council at the end of November as opposed to trying for re-election for another term.

Wettstein announced the news last night in a statement to CJOY/Global reporter Matt Carty.

“I have really appreciated the opportunity to serve as Guelph City Councillor and was very much tempted to run again – but it is time to support some new faces and I look forward to doing just that,” Wettstein added.

So far, five candidates have announced their intention to run in Ward 6 in this fall’s election, including Wettstein’s fellow incumbent, Mark MacKinnon.

“I consider Karl Wettstein a close and personal friend,” said Ward 3 Councillor Phil Allt in a statement. “His wisdom and concern for following process and proper governorship will be missed by Council.”

“I can honestly say our hours of discussions of over coffee before meetings made me a better councillor and Karl a poorer golfer,” Allt added. “Honestly, his willingness to sacrifice his love of golf for the better good made him an exemplary colleague. All the best to his wife Carole. I am glad you have your golf buddy back but I am shedding a tear as I will miss my coffee mate.”

Wettstein has served multiple terms on council starting in 2000. Though he lost his seat in 2003 to current Ward 4 candidate Peter Hamtak, Wettstein returned to council in 2006, and has served Ward 6 ever since.

Nominations for the municipal election close at 2 pm today. More to come…

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