City Council Preview – What’s on the Agenda for the April 10 Meeting?

It will be a relatively light planning meeting on Monday with two matters of development and two new Notices of Motion.

CON-2017.10 Proposed demolition of 73-75 Essex Street, Ward 5 – Normally, tearing something down isn’t much of an issue at council, but this one’s on the Municipal Register of Cultural Heritage Properties. Not to worry, because at a January meeting, Heritage qualified it as no big loss to local heritage this one-storey semi-detached unit. In its place, the property owner is looking to build a new two-storey house with a detached garage.

1888 Gordon Street Proposed Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendment File: OP1701/ZC1701, Ward 6 – The Brock Road Nursery is about to get a whole lot of new neighbours. The Tricar Group is looking for a rezoning permit to construct high density housing to the tune of nearly 500 units at 1888 Gordon, which is presently a big empty plot of land with only one dwelling built upon it. The proposed development calls for six buildings in total including two high-rise apartment buildings at a max 14 storeys, a 10-storey apartment building, and two 4-storey buildings. Plus, there will be a handful of townhouses facing Gordon St as well.

Notice of Motion provided by Councillor Gibson – Ward 1’s junior rep is looking to shake-up Guelph’s environmental creds by having the City look at aligning corporate assets with the low carbon economy. The recommendations include having city staff work with the Climate Change Office to look at ways to transition to a net zero designation, to look at fleet procurement and ways to electrify the City’s fleet of vehicles, and to have staff report back by the fourth quarter of 2017.

Notice of Motion provided by Councillor Wettstein – A Notice of Motion about Notices of Motion, delicious. Wettstein is submitting that staff bring forward a firm policy about the use of Notice of Motion and that it’s use be suspended until then because it feels like some members of council are using it for political ends

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