Protected Bike Lane Project Offers a Taste of the Future

If you’ve noticed the metal waves along the side of the road on Woolwich Street, then you may have already been a part of the City’s grand experiment in complete roads. For the next week, Woolwich Street will be an example of a “complete street,” what the City’s planners are calling a safe, accessible and sustainable road design that could literally pave the way to the future. Continue reading “Protected Bike Lane Project Offers a Taste of the Future”

Guelph Police Want Doodad to Enforce New Traffic Rules

Would you be surprised to learn that there’s been a new law on the books since January that drivers have to give biker rider’s a one metre buffer, from the tip of the handlebars to the edge of the passenger side mirror? It’s true, but you might be hard pressed to find someone on the road that knows about it, and you might be harder pressed to think of a way that the Guelph Police Service can enforce it. Until now… Continue reading “Guelph Police Want Doodad to Enforce New Traffic Rules”