Things We Learned at the Ward 5 Town Hall

Although not the same draw it was back in the fall after Homecoming, a Ward 5 town hall last night at St. Michael Catholic School brought over 40 people out to hear from their city councillors and city staff about the progress made in preventing another excess of partying, and to hear about student housing issues. Continue reading “Things We Learned at the Ward 5 Town Hall”

GUELPH POLITICAST #116 – A St. Patrick’s Day Special

Things were going pretty well. It wasn’t perfect, but it seemed like Town and Gown had found a way to perfectly co-exist inside the City of Guelph thanks to the diligence of City Hall, the police, the university, and student groups. And then Homecoming happened… Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #116 – A St. Patrick’s Day Special”

GUELPH POLITICAST #107 – Best of OSG: Budget and Hydro

So I think many of us feel like the last month went by in a blur, there were a lot of big issues, big discussions, and a lot of consequential decisions made by council. So before diving into a new year with new issues and new decisions, let’s revisit what happened in the tired and true format of the clip show. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #107 – Best of OSG: Budget and Hydro”

Cathy Downer (Ward 5) – Candidate Questionnaire

Cathy Downer was first elected to city council by Ward 5 in 1994, and served for four terms working on committees and boards like including Planning, Works and Environment, Heritage Guelph, Family and Children’s Services, Loretto Convent Task Force and Guelph Non-Profit Housing. She was also chair of the City Hall/Courthouse Redevelopment Committee. Since leaving council in 2006 she’s been on the Boards of the Guelph Community Health Centre and the Guelph Youth Music Centre, and was Elections Ontario Returning Officer for Guelph from January 2011 till December 2013. Downer has also served as a volunteer mediator with Community Justice Initiatives and the John Howard Society, and has received her Advanced Mediation and Conflict Management Certification from the University of Waterloo-Conrad Grebel Peace and Conflict Studies. She also holds a Chartered Mediator designation from the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario/Canada and currently works in private practice as a mediator. Finally, Downer was awarded with a Guelph YM-YWCA Women of Distinction Award in Public Service in 2007. And now she’s back! Ready to rejoin council and answering the questions in the candidate questionnaire. Continue reading “Cathy Downer (Ward 5) – Candidate Questionnaire”

Election Year Day 2 – More Names on the Ballot

Either an indication of how busy the local balllot’s going to be this election, or that there are a lot of eager beavers out there, three more names have been added to the rolls for the 2014 Municipal election. As per the Guelph Votes website, three people have added themselves to October 27 election, including two for mayor and one for city council. Continue reading “Election Year Day 2 – More Names on the Ballot”