Scott Butler (Ward 5) – Candidate Questionnaire

First time candidate Scott Butler joins an active and accomplished slate in Ward 5 as one of six candidates looking to represent the voters in and around the University of Guelph neighbourhood on city council. Continue reading “Scott Butler (Ward 5) – Candidate Questionnaire”

Martin Collier (Ward 2) – Candidate Questionnaire

Martin Collier says he could have moved anywhere in the world with his wife Mary, but they decided to settle in Guelph for its “progressive municipal government, unique and historic downtown, multitude of sports and cultural activities, array of wellness practitioners and programs, proximity to nature and, especially, the friendly people.” Continue reading “Martin Collier (Ward 2) – Candidate Questionnaire”

Who Endorses the Endorsers?

With Election Day coming up, and advanced voting already begun, people are going to have to start making up their minds about who they want to represent them on Guelph City Council, but if you’re one of those indecisive types, perhaps you may be open to a few suggestions. Suggestions are not an issue this election, sorting through the bias and implications of said endorsements, is. There have been a few major endorsements by local political groups, and whether those endorsements speak to you will likely depend more on your personal politics than the more general criteria of who is the right fit for the job. Continue reading “Who Endorses the Endorsers?”

Ray Ferraro (Ward 2) Response to the Candidate Questionnaire

Ray Ferraro is the epitome of a life-long Guelphite. He was born and raised in the Royal City where he has raised two children and six grandchildren. He’s worked over 40 years in the real estate construction and development industry, and has been a member of Guelph’s storied Italian Canadian Club for 35 years. Previously serving as a city councillor during the mayoralty of Kate Quarrie from 2003 to 2006. Below is Ferraro’s response to the Guelph Politico candidate questionnaire: Continue reading “Ray Ferraro (Ward 2) Response to the Candidate Questionnaire”

Alex Green (Ward 5) – Candidate Questionnaire

Ward 5 candidate Alex Green grew up just south of Guelph, and went to high school at Centennial C.V.I. He graduated from the University of Toronto with a BSc in Mathematics, where he also showed a talent for being funny, writing for a humour themed U of T student newspaper. He was also active in several organizations that attempted to increase student participation in the political process. Continue reading “Alex Green (Ward 5) – Candidate Questionnaire”

Laurie Garbutt (Ward 4) – Candidate Questionnaire

Laurie Garbutt has taught in the public school system for 28 years, serving as a Staff Officer and on the Executive of the Upper Grand Local of the Ontario Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO) since 2011. Through her work with the ETFO, Garbutt helped to develop the CURB KIT (Common Use Resources for Bullying: A Prevention Toolkit for all Classrooms) for all schools in the Upper Grand District School Board, which was supported and endorsed by the Human Rights Commission of Ontario. Outside of school, Garbutt is heavily involved in the arts working with theatre groups, performing, musically directing, or working with various production teams and baords in the Royal City’s artistic community. Garbutt says she, “strives to give endless volunteer hours and expertise to our growing city,” and now she wants to include city council in that capacity. Her responses to the candidate questionnaire are below: Continue reading “Laurie Garbutt (Ward 4) – Candidate Questionnaire”