Guelph & District Labour Council Supports Call for More Money

For the last several weeks, various advocacy groups have been making the case that Canada’s municipalities desperately need bailout money from upper levels of government to avoid service cuts at the end of the year. In an open letter sent to Guelph Politico from the President of the Guelph & District Labour Council, that group is adding their voices to the call. Continue reading “Guelph & District Labour Council Supports Call for More Money”

Solidarity Forever, But Surrounded By Politics at the Labour Day Picnic

It’s Labour Day, which means for most a chance to rest and recreate, but in Riverside Park every year, it’s a chance for organized labour to stand in solidarity with their fellow union employees. This year, with a Federal election on the horizon, and the spectre of Provincial cutbacks, things were slightly more political than usual. Continue reading “Solidarity Forever, But Surrounded By Politics at the Labour Day Picnic”

Guelph Labour Activists Help Stand Up to Tim Hortons “Bullies”

It was a rainy night in Guelph. Cold too. So getting some two dozen protestors out at dinner time to wave flags and hoist signs to support workers who earn minimum wage was going to be a challenge, but not a challenge that Guelphites weren’t willing to overcome. Continue reading “Guelph Labour Activists Help Stand Up to Tim Hortons “Bullies””

“Dark Clouds” Loom on an Otherwise Sunny Labour Day Picnic

Members of the CUPE (Canadian Union of Public Employees) Local 241 couldn’t enjoy their Labour Day as much as they would have liked, for they’re concerned that some members might be looking at their last Labour Day as employees of the City of Guelph. Continue reading ““Dark Clouds” Loom on an Otherwise Sunny Labour Day Picnic”

GUELPH POLITICAST #49 – Live (ish) From the Labour Day Picnic

This past Monday was Labour Day, and let’s face it, sometimes in the rush to enjoy the last long weekend of summer, we forget that there’s a story behind it, a long history of workers standing up for their rights, often with an organized union having their backs. These aren’t the best of times for unions, but as you’ll learn from this Guelph Politicast, they’re are also far from the worst. Yet. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #49 – Live (ish) From the Labour Day Picnic”

Who Endorses the Endorsers?

With Election Day coming up, and advanced voting already begun, people are going to have to start making up their minds about who they want to represent them on Guelph City Council, but if you’re one of those indecisive types, perhaps you may be open to a few suggestions. Suggestions are not an issue this election, sorting through the bias and implications of said endorsements, is. There have been a few major endorsements by local political groups, and whether those endorsements speak to you will likely depend more on your personal politics than the more general criteria of who is the right fit for the job. Continue reading “Who Endorses the Endorsers?”