CRTC Demanding Answers from Rogers About Outage

Barely four days after a Canada-wide service interruption on the Rogers network, the head of Canada’s telecom regulator is calling the company out and demanding a fulsome explanation. A statement on Tuesday from the chairperson and CEO of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has a list of questions for Rogers, and he wants them answered almost immediately. Continue reading “CRTC Demanding Answers from Rogers About Outage”

Nation-wide Rogers Black Out Causes Local Issues

How’s you’re internet? As of Friday evening, reports starting coming in that some people were able to get reports again, and that news was that phone, TV, and internet for some Rogers customers had been restored. In the hustle and bustle to get Canada back online, there’s still no word on what went wrong, but the effects – both local and national – will likely be felt for days to come. Continue reading “Nation-wide Rogers Black Out Causes Local Issues”