Rogers Update: They’re Not Going Anywhere

Last week, I posted about some concerning social media posts concerning Rogers Guelph, that a program that promotes many events and programs in the City was cancelled and that the Rogers studio on Silvercreek Pkwy was closing. In what will surely be a relief to many, I got an official word from Rogers that our Guelph facilities aren’t going anywhere.

“Programming on Rogers TV in Guelph will continue as usual,” Charmaine Khan, Manager of Communications, News and Local, told me by email. “Our commitment to serving the residents of Guelph remains strong, and we will continue to work with our community volunteers and partners to deliver quality local, and relevant content to our viewers.”

Sounds fairly straightforward, and it follows up on what I was told from two Rogers producers. According to Jeremy Cook, the producer of Inside Guelph, numerous volunteers have access to the show’s Twitter feed, so one of them may have misconstrued the fact that Inside Guelph has going on hiatus for the summer for cancellation. Regardless, the offending tweet has since been deleted.

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