Farbridge Gearing Up for Re-Election?

There weren’t any new candidates added to the 2014 election ballot today, maybe the crummy weather has something to do with it. But there was still election news, a tease if you will, and it comes from current Guelph Mayor Karen Farbridge. Is Farbridge about to announce her bid for a third consecutive (and fourth overall) term as the leader of the Royal City? Continue reading “Farbridge Gearing Up for Re-Election?”

Election Year Day 2 – More Names on the Ballot

Either an indication of how busy the local balllot’s going to be this election, or that there are a lot of eager beavers out there, three more names have been added to the rolls for the 2014 Municipal election. As per the Guelph Votes website, three people have added themselves to October 27 election, including two for mayor and one for city council. Continue reading “Election Year Day 2 – More Names on the Ballot”

The Election Year Begins

If you’re still hung over from the New Year’s festivities. sober up(!) because the 2014 Municipal Election is officially underway as of today. Today was the first day that potential candidates could file papers to run for mayor or city councillor in the October 27th election, and both here in Guelph and in Toronto, some early birds were hoping that they have what it takes to get the worm. Continue reading “The Election Year Begins”