Tell Open Sources Your Questions for the Mayoral Candidates

For the next two weeks on Open Sources Guelph, we’re going to be hosting hour-long, live interviews with Guelph’s two mayoral candidates. Do you have a question you want them to answer? Tell us!

Here’s the schedule:

Aggie Mlynarz – October 11
Cam Guthrie – October 18

Send us your questions to either adamadonaldson [at] or scotty hertz [at], or you can post them to our social media pages on Facebook, and Twitter. You can also post your question in the comments section below.

Then, to hear your question asked and answered, tune in to CFRU at 93.3 fm or on Thursday at 5 pm. You will also be able to download each episode on the Guelph Politicast network via iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play.

3 thoughts on “Tell Open Sources Your Questions for the Mayoral Candidates

  1. a question for cam: you have stated numerous times now that there are some candidates who currently purport to be aligned with you, but are going to jump ship after the writ is dropped. yet — you have never named who those candidates are. it seems like you have some information that you are withholding.

    in the interest of transparency and informing the voters, who exactly are these potential flip-floppers, and how did you become aware of their existence?


  2. a question for aggie: a common complaint about the current mayor is that the channels of communication between him and citizens are rather closed. they are open in a technical sense, but it is rare to find something who feels their concerns were truly heard an acted upon by the mayor.

    institutions of centralized power tend to distance otherwise well-intentioned leaders from grassroots conversations and cutting-edge ideas. one might say that you, even as a progressive candidate, are not immune to this. with this in mind, do you aim to implement any new initiatives to decentralize our municipal democracy? how will you change the operations of city hall in order to make peoples’ voices better heard?


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