Top 10 Guelph Political Stories of 2017

It’s the end of the year, and that means that it’s time for lists. Lists and more lists. Top 10s on every conceivable subject. Guelph Politico also likes to do lists this time of year, and the subject we chose is the Top 10 Guelph Political Stories of the Year. From retirements to mergers, from reviews stalled and reviews achieved, and from one renovation project nearing completion to another finally making it on the books, it was another busy year in the Royal City. Let’s countdown the hits in order… Continue reading “Top 10 Guelph Political Stories of 2017”

That’s That! Poole Lawsuit Resolved, and Emails Returned

All’s well that ends well is the message from City Hall today as the lawsuit brought by former chief building official Bruce Poole has been settled through a mediated resolution. What that means, or how much the City paid, has not been disclosed, but on the bright side, we got the emails back! Continue reading “That’s That! Poole Lawsuit Resolved, and Emails Returned”

Amorosi Fired in Fallout of Email Release Snafu

The swinging door at City Hall doth swing again as Deputy CAO of Corporate Services Mark Amorosi has taken the fall for the accidental release of over 50,000 confidential emails to legal council representing a former employee suing the City of Guelph. Continue reading “Amorosi Fired in Fallout of Email Release Snafu”

City Wants Your Two Cents About the Budget

After the truncated effort to pass a budget earlier this year, the City of Guelph, its staff, and political leaders are going to try something new for the 2016 Budget, a massive new effort to try and gather as much community consultation as possible before city council votes for the final budget in December.

Continue reading “City Wants Your Two Cents About the Budget”