Fair Denies Allegations in Tribune Article

In a curious email sent Thursday morning, Ward 2 council candidate Dorothe Fair tried to get ahead of allegations in a Guelph Mercury Tribune article. In it, she’s accused of inappropriate actions towards colleagues while she was a vice principal at a Guelph high school eight years ago.

Among the allegations, according to the Mercury Tribune and the originating complaint, Fair was accused of inappropriately touching two male colleagues, and sending an email to staff members that “contained jokes of a sexual nature.”

In the decision from the Ontario College of Teachers, “The Committee finds that there is sufficiently clear, cogent and convincing evidence to prove the Inappropriate Touching Incident on a balance of probabilities, and that the Member’s conduct in relation to this incident gives rise to a finding of professional misconduct.”

The incidents in question happened in 2010 and 2011, the OCT hearing took place in 2016. Neither Fair nor her representative took part in the hearing.

When asked by the Mercury Tribune about the allegations, Fair denied that the 2011 incident took place, and said that the reason she didn’t take part in the hearing was because she wanted to put the entire affair behind her.

“I regret not going and vigorously defending myself,” she told the paper, “I didn’t have it in me to attend. I know in my heart I hadn’t done it.”

In the aforementioned email, Fair alleged that the male teacher that accused her timed his disclosure to hurt her the most before the election, specifically the final issue of the Mercury-Tribune to be published before the election.

“He also approached different candidates as he began his smear campaign,” she added. “I will never waiver from the truth that I never touched this teacher.”

Fair was given a three-month suspension by the OCT, and she was required to complete a course “regarding professional interactions and boundary violation issues with colleagues” that should would have to pay for herself. By the time the decision was rendered though, Fair had been retired from the UGDSB for four years

“I will finally react after all these years of silence with every fibre of strength that I have to defend myself & protect my family & my name,” she added. “My strength comes from my conviction of the truth.”

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