City of Guelph Employee Put on Leave After They “Criticized and Disparaged” Saturday’s March

A City of Guelph employee has been suspended after they posted an inappropriate message concerning Saturday’s Solidarity Protest to Support Black Lives Matter to the popular “Overheard at Guelph” Facebook page. The employee has been put on administrative leave, and an investigation is being conducted, but while the post has since been deleted, many on social media remain disturbed at the swipe at a peaceful and inclusive event. Continue reading “City of Guelph Employee Put on Leave After They “Criticized and Disparaged” Saturday’s March”

You Know Sue from Ontario Strong? She’s Got a Robocall Connection

A report by Postmedia has linked a series of text messages sent by someone who identifies themselves as “Sue” from “BC Strong” to iMarketing Solutions Inc., a marketing firm that was founded by the directors of Responsive Marketing Group. Why does that sound familiar? Remember the Robocall scandal of 2011? Continue reading “You Know Sue from Ontario Strong? She’s Got a Robocall Connection”

What Kind of Does Guelph Want Right Now?

What matters to the people of Guelph? That’s a question those of us in the media struggle with all the time. So I decided to look at the website to see what people in Guelph have been caring about this summer, and what issues, ideas and challenges they’re trying to draw attention to. Think pets. Think transit. Think the environment. See what difference some people on are trying to make for Guelph below. Continue reading “What Kind of Does Guelph Want Right Now?”

At Least Guelph Transit Uses Social Media…

In the year 2017, if you want to complain, you go to social media. A whole industry there is built on rating what rocks and what sucks, and that includes the way you get around your city. Online, there’s often not a lot of love for Guelph Transit, so I was curious, where do other municipalities stand when it comes to interacting with their customers online? It turns of that Guelph Transit is a leader in that regard. Continue reading “At Least Guelph Transit Uses Social Media…”