Women in Crisis Raising Awareness About Human Trafficking with Event

Human trafficking is an issue facing many communities, but it’s an issue that can be misunderstood in both how it happens, and how people can recover from it. So it’s a good thing that Guelph-Wellington Women in Crisis are holding an information event later this month to raise awareness about the impacts of human trafficking, and what actions that people can take to stop the exploitation and support survivors. Continue reading “Women in Crisis Raising Awareness About Human Trafficking with Event”

GUELPH POLITICAST #288 – Human Trafficking: The Real Story

It was just a few weeks ago that the Joint Waterloo-Guelph Human Trafficking team, which is staffed by members of both police services, arrested a Guelph man for both both trafficking the victim, and assaulting them himself. It’s a good reminder that human trafficking happens in our backyard, and it’s not what pop culture and conspiracy theories make you think it is. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #288 – Human Trafficking: The Real Story”

VIDEO: Guelphites Walk for Freedom, and to End Human Trafficking

In a world that is already often dark and disturbing, we rarely like to be reminded of how dark and disturbing it can really be. Guelphites though dared to challenge that darkness Saturday morning by Walking for Freedom, in an event aimed to raise awareness of, and help put a stop to human trafficking. Continue reading “VIDEO: Guelphites Walk for Freedom, and to End Human Trafficking”