GUELPH POLITICAST #277 – The Transit Pass with TAAG

We used to have these quarterly check ups about transit issues, but the pandemic hit last March, and suddenly transit service was limited. Buses are still running on a reduced schedule, but now the City of Guelph is looking to the future, first with the Transportation Master Plan, and now with the review of a new 10-year plan for transit expansion. But how is all this sitting with transit fans? Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #277 – The Transit Pass with TAAG”

City Looking for Feedback on 10-Year Plan to Change Transit Routes

After last night’s discussion of the Transportation Master Plan, the City of Guelph is zooming in on one aspect of transportation planning that will be key to the TMP’s goal of getting people to make 19 per cent fewer trips by car. From now until Jun 20, the City is looking for feedback on proposed changes to transit routes that could be implemented over the next 10 years with the approval of the public and council. Continue reading “City Looking for Feedback on 10-Year Plan to Change Transit Routes”