Guelph Police Says Collisions Up for the First Quarter of 2019

The first three months of 2019 has seen an increase in the number of collisions on area roads, according to the Guelph Police Service. In January, February and March of 2019, there were 846 vehicle collisions reported to the Police, and increase of 55 from the same period in 2018. Continue reading “Guelph Police Says Collisions Up for the First Quarter of 2019”

Guelph Police Release Collision Stats, Crowns New “Winner” for Worst Intersection

Anecdotally, many in Guelph know that the roads here are getting more dangerous, but the latest collision statistics from the Guelph Police Service seem to heavily indicate that the city’s streets are indeed getting more dangerous. Continue reading “Guelph Police Release Collision Stats, Crowns New “Winner” for Worst Intersection”

Crash Stats for 2015 Show Small Improvement, More Concerns

The Guelph Police Service has released it’s annual year end report of local collision statistics, and while there’s some cause for optimism in the fact that the number of total reported collisions went down as compared to this time last year, in taking a closer look at the statistics, there’s still a lot to be concerned about. Continue reading “Crash Stats for 2015 Show Small Improvement, More Concerns”

New Rules for Drivers in the New Year

New year; new rules. At least so far as what you do when you’re a driver and how long you’re supposed to wait before turning when someone’s walking across the street. As a walker, this is a big pet peeve of mine: drivers either whiz past you with barely inches to spare, or passive aggressively turn as slow as possible as you walk on through. The only regret? This new rule won’t apply to all crosswalks. Continue reading “New Rules for Drivers in the New Year”

More Reasons to Rethink the “Right” to Drive

In a curious release a couple of weeks ago, the Guelph Police Service reminded local drivers that Victoria Road is not, in contrast to how they were treating it, a “speedway.” In a 24-hour period, the police had stopped six vehicles along Victoria Road for speeding, including one driver who was doing 102 kilometers per hour. For the record, the speed limit on that portion of Victoria Road was 50 kilometers per hour. As a 31-year-old Guelph man faces charges for drive motor vehicle-perform stunt-speeding by 50 or more km/hr and speeding under the Highway Traffic Act, a very public act of road rage should be making us all think about how much nonsense some drivers are getting away with on the roadways of the country. Continue reading “More Reasons to Rethink the “Right” to Drive”