City Touts Microtransit Success While Looking for Master Plan Feedback

More savings equals success. That’s the “too long; didn’t read” of an information report to council about the first four months of microtransit in Guelph. Mircotransit might be one part of future transportation plan for Guelph, which is coming back again to the pubic for input. The City is Guelph is asking for more assistance to help shape the Transportation Master Plan.

According to the report, approximately 1,200 rides have been taken using the new on-demand transit option for the Community Bus since May 2. In that four-month time span, the two Community Buses would have driven over nearly 22,500 kilometres, buy by going on-demand, the same service only drove 5,515 kilometres. That accounts for $18,673 in savings for both fuel and maintenance costs, which could be over $37,000 in savings by year’s end.

The other new on-demand route servicing the Hanlon Creek Business Park area has provided 13,100 rides since May 2 and has covered over 24,000 kilometres compared to nearly 70,000 kilometres had the service been offered through conventional bus service. This means that Transit is saving nearly $63,000 in costs when it comes to fuel and bus maintenance, and a potential cost savings of $162,676 when considering all on-demand transit services by year’s end.

“When the Transit Route Review recommendations are presented to Council this fall along with other recommendations, Guelph Transit will focus on delivering a set of service standards for transit operations. These standards will provide Guelph Transit with targets for implementing on-demand or microtransit options,” the report said about next steps. “They would also provide guidelines when converting microtransit options to a conventional base route.”

The route review will be coming back to council later this fall. As revealed during the call for community commentary back in May, the 10-year plan will increase service 30 per cent, increase the number of stops by 45 per cent, and will offer expanded Sunday service plus routes that focus on key growth areas like the Innovation District and Clair-Maltby. you can follow the links to see an interactive map of the proposed changes and a video explaining them.

If you are among those enjoying the microtransit option, you might want to share those thoughts with the City as they’ve now opened the latest round of public engagement concerning the Transportation Master Plan. The draft alternative of the plan was approved by council in a special meeting back in May, and now staff is looking  to hold one more round of feedback before the final plan is approved.

Staff is looking for input on the prioritization of transportation projects, important changes needed to create a more resilient transportation network, and policies and programs needed to support improvements to Guelph’s transportation network including roads, trails, sidewalks and transit corridors. You have until October 24 to have your say, at the City’s Have Your Say web page.

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