GUELPH POLITICAST #327 – Queer as Faith

Much of the hate and vitriol aimed at the LGBTQ+ people comes from religious communities still promoting ideas in the 21st century that being anything other than straight and cisgender is a violation of centuries of religious dogma. How can you find a faith space where you can be respected and accepted as openly queer? That’s a good question for the “Rainbow Papa-Bear”! Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #327 – Queer as Faith”

Community Responds to Pride Flag Ripped Down at Guelph School

It’s Pride Month, and that means 30 days of celebration and recognition for the members of our community who identify as LGBTQ+. So the rainbow flags are flying on flag poles all around town, but it seems like there are people in Guelph who cannot actually take any pride in Pride. In fact, some delinquent person or persons tore the Pride flag right off the pole of an area school over the weekend. Continue reading “Community Responds to Pride Flag Ripped Down at Guelph School”

Guelph’s LGBTQ+ Community Not Pleased with New Police Diversity Officers

Police services around North America have been challenged in the last year to do better outreach with marginalized groups, and the Guelph Police Service is no exception. A recently-launched police program meant to promote better relations between the police and minority groups is now coming under criticism though with one group of residents saying that the Guelph Police never consulted their community in the first place. Continue reading “Guelph’s LGBTQ+ Community Not Pleased with New Police Diversity Officers”

This Week in Press Releases – January 8-12, 2018

Every week, the City of Guelph and other groups send out notices to announce new events, imperatives, and information that you need to know. Here is this week in press releases. Continue reading “This Week in Press Releases – January 8-12, 2018”

GUELPH POLITICAST #36 – Brandon Kidd, Library Chair of Out on the Shelf

The end of April means the beginning of Pride. Guelph Pride. The annual event is meant to celebrate the Queer community in fun and inclusive ways as the push for universal acceptance continues to grow and be demanded of by both those who identify as LGBT and their allies. While no one in this country is trying to pass new laws about who can and who cannot use what bathrooms, don’t think the struggle isn’t still real, and one Guelph organization is pushing back 365 days a year. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #36 – Brandon Kidd, Library Chair of Out on the Shelf”