GUELPH POLITICAST #316 – Can You Archeologically Dig It?

There’s a lot of interest in the excavation of Baker Street. Maybe it’s the ghoulish quality of uncovering remains from an old graveyard, or maybe it’s because this is all literally happening on the main street, but a lot of eyes are on this big hole being dug in the old Baker Street lot. This week, we go inside that hole with the two men holding the shovels. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #316 – Can You Archeologically Dig It?”

Local Groups Demand More Climate Action, Less Climate Talk

A lot of people hope that substantive action on climate change will be a major issue in the current Federal Election, but they also know that it will take a lot of hard work and noise to make it the prevalent issue they want it to be. Although not as big as past climate strikes in Guelph, the one held on Thursday drew more than 50 people to St. George’s Square to raise their voices about the desperate need to fight climate change. Continue reading “Local Groups Demand More Climate Action, Less Climate Talk”

Conspiracy Theories and Science Denial on Display Downtown at “COVID is Over” Rally

They said not to take “hugs over masks” literally, but there was one guy on the corner soliciting hugs. They said it wasn’t an anti-mask protest, but at one point a speaker stopped everything to burn a mask before the cheering crowd. The messages were mixed, but the messaging was as plain as day. The anti-mask movement landed in St. George’s Square Sunday afternoon attracting around 50 people, mostly maskless, all eager to deflect from the reality of the situation. Continue reading “Conspiracy Theories and Science Denial on Display Downtown at “COVID is Over” Rally”

Anti-Mask Event Planned for Downtown Guelph This Sunday

Guelph has done pretty well avoiding the kind of anti-mask, anti-COVID restriction demonstrations that have popped in other places. (A mask burning event last weekend in Idaho comes to mind.) But this weekend, the controversy comes to town, and it seems like have a Who’s Who in anti-masking, anti-vaxxing and conspiracy theories are going to be on hand for the festivities. Continue reading “Anti-Mask Event Planned for Downtown Guelph This Sunday”

Songs and Pageantry Promote Climate Action in Latest Strike

The Fridays For Future Climate strikes have become a familiar site in Downtown Guelph over the last year, but they seem to have lost none of their enthusiasm. Over the lunch hour on a cold November day, nearly 200 people filled St. George’s Square to carry signs, dress in costumes, sing songs, and die-in to promote more climate action. Continue reading “Songs and Pageantry Promote Climate Action in Latest Strike”