City of Guelph Has Cancelled All Programs and Events till July

In a move that definitely sends a message that we’ll be dealing with COVID-19 for the long haul, the City of Guelph has cancelled all events and programs at city facilities through to July 5. Although the facilities themselves are still closed until April 30, the City will be hosting no events, concerts, or gatherings at those building until well after Canada Day. Continue reading “City of Guelph Has Cancelled All Programs and Events till July”

This Week in Guelph Beer News

We don’t often talk about beer here on Guelph Politico, but sometimes circumstances warrant the stretching of this site’s normal beat, and here we are, about to talk about beer. And for local beer lovers, this is going to be a good news/bad news situation. Continue reading “This Week in Guelph Beer News”

Naomi Klein Tells Guelph We’re Less Radical Than Peterborough

A hush came over the audience as Naomi Klein entered the room. She hadn’t even taken the stage yet, all she had to do was walk in… This was a crowd that was ready and willing to hear the message, “No Is Not Enough“, which is also the title of Klein’s new book, and the author/journalist/provocateur was ready to get everyone at War Memorial Hall hyped in order to spread that message. Continue reading “Naomi Klein Tells Guelph We’re Less Radical Than Peterborough”

Guelph Library Premieres 8 Short Films About Guelph

Much of the action at the East End Library Branch’s block party to celebrate Canada 150 was, naturally, outdoors, but there was something interesting happening inside too: Eight short films about Guelph by eight local filmmakers. Covering a wide variety of topics, the shorts each show a side of Guelph – known and unknown – that highlighted the reasons why the Royal City is the place that it is. Continue reading “Guelph Library Premieres 8 Short Films About Guelph”

Why Shouldn’t Guelph Get an IMDb Page?

If city council is looking for priorities in this new year, then perhaps they can follow Toronto’s lead. A recommendation from the City of Toronto’s Economic Development Committee earlier this week (that sadly wasn’t discussed due to quorum issues) floated the idea that T-dot should have its own IMDb page, administered by the City, to promote film and TV production in Toronto. Well, if it’s good enough for Toronto, I say it’s good enough for Guelph too. Continue reading “Why Shouldn’t Guelph Get an IMDb Page?”

5th Annual guelPhonography Exhibit Looking for guelPhonographers

Reminder Guelphites: You can do more with your phone than collecting Pokemon. The fifth annual guelPhonography contest has begun, inviting all phone-wielding photogs to submit their pics of “the people, places, history, heritage, sports and spirit that make Guelph beautiful.” Continue reading “5th Annual guelPhonography Exhibit Looking for guelPhonographers”

Downtown is Cool with the Change in Hillside Dates

As reported in the Guelph Tribune the other day, the Hillside Festival is conceding victory to WayHome after two years of struggle against the upstart music festival just a few hours further away than our own Guelph Lake. The 34th annual Hillside Festival will be held on the weekend of July 14-16, which is a couple of weeks earlier than normal, but does it also put Hillside into conflict with another of Guelph’s summer festivals? Continue reading “Downtown is Cool with the Change in Hillside Dates”

A Brief History of Hillside (With a Chance of Doom)

The year was 1984. A generation of young people were given the eternal answer to “Who you gonna call?”, Cirque du Soleil redefined just how far you can make certain body parts bend, and John Turner began an epic three-month ride as Prime Minister of Canada. Meanwhile, here in Guelph, a small community music festival was launched that more than three decades later endures as a summer destination that’s synonymous with the Royal City. Continue reading “A Brief History of Hillside (With a Chance of Doom)”

Are the Argos Coming Back to Guelph for Training Camp?

Flashback! The local sports rumour mill is churning with mention of the possibility that the Toronto Argonauts might be holding their 2016 training camp in the Royal City. Specifically, at Alumni Stadium at the University of Guelph. Continue reading “Are the Argos Coming Back to Guelph for Training Camp?”

Local Music Legend Mo’ Kauffey Passes Away

It’s a sad day for Guelph music fans with the news that Gary W. Wickizer, AKA: Mo’ Kauffey, has lost his fight with cancer. He may have been born in Colorado, but Mo’ was quintessentially Guelph, and like all good Bluesmen, he’s strummed his last song and exited the stage. Continue reading “Local Music Legend Mo’ Kauffey Passes Away”