Local Music Legend Mo’ Kauffey Passes Away

It’s a sad day for Guelph music fans with the news that Gary W. Wickizer, AKA: Mo’ Kauffey, has lost his fight with cancer. He may have been born in Colorado, but Mo’ was quintessentially Guelph, and like all good Bluesmen, he’s strummed his last song and exited the stage. Continue reading “Local Music Legend Mo’ Kauffey Passes Away”

The Unofficial List of Guelph-Based Podcasts

It was an idle thought that passed my mind earlier this week, but I put it to Twitter: is there a list of podcasts made in Guelph, and/or by Guelphites. As it turned out, it looks like there’s not. Until now. Thanks to the suggestions of others, and my own brief research on Google, I’ve compiled here an unofficial, ongoing list of Guelph podcasts. Listen and learn, and if you know about something that isn’t on here, feel free to let me know. Continue reading “The Unofficial List of Guelph-Based Podcasts”

Guelph Makes Top 10 for Culture Days in 2015

It’s a terribly kept secret that Guelph is a culturally rich little ‘burb, and now we have the statistics to prove it. The Royal City was one of numerous groups across the country to have participated in Culture Day activities back in September, and it turns out that were one of the best it terms of celebrations. Continue reading “Guelph Makes Top 10 for Culture Days in 2015”

Hillside Honoured by Festival and Events Ontario

Who doesn’t love Hillside? The annual music festival at Guelph Lake has a great many admirers, and among them, it seems, are Festival and Events Ontario. Festivals, along with the organizers and volunteers of said festivals, were recognized Friday night as part of the FEO’s Annual Conference Let the Inspiration Flow in Niagara Falls, ON. Continue reading “Hillside Honoured by Festival and Events Ontario”

An Artistic Critique of Guelph’s Election Signs

After all the talk of negativity, maybe what we need is levity. And since there are, apparently, a lot of people in the city interested in collecting signs, I was forced wonder if there was some artistic significance to them. So I decided to consult an expert. Scott McGovern, the programming director of Ed Video Media Arts Centre knows art, and he knows what he likes. He’s also politically astute, so when I reached out to Scott (who’s currently in Paris where is wife in an artist-in-residence), he was more than happy to lend his keen eye for colour and composition to the concept, and I present his insights below. Continue reading “An Artistic Critique of Guelph’s Election Signs”

Politics, Comic Books and Coins

The intermittent silence on Politico over the weekend stemmed from my time covering the National Fan Expo in Toronto for one of the culture vulture websites I get paid to write for. For those unfamiliar with Fan Expo, I basically describe it to the less nerdy as Canada’s Comic Con, an expansive event for all things nerdy including science fiction, horror, comic books, and video games. But since synergy is synergy, the occasion offered a compelling opportunity, for politics and nerdery to mix. Continue reading “Politics, Comic Books and Coins”