GUELPH POLITICAST #331 – The Edinburgh Conundrum

The rail crossing on Edinburgh Road has been the site of some controversy lately. The City of Guelph initiated the study of seven different street level rail crossings along the Metrolinx line across town, and they determined that there was one crossing that they had to look at a lot more closely. The implications could be big, so this week, we’re going to sit down and talk things out. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #331 – The Edinburgh Conundrum”

Reviews Were Mixed But the Mission with Dedicated Bus Lane was Accomplished

You may not have liked it, you may have though it was confusing, but if you told the City of Guelph what you thought of the Dedicated Bus Lane on Gordon Street last week, then the project was a success according to Jennifer Juste. With 1,100 responses to the “pop-up” traffic feature, the Manager of Transportation Planning* at the City of Guelph is calling this project a win. Continue reading “Reviews Were Mixed But the Mission with Dedicated Bus Lane was Accomplished”

Protected Bike Lane Project Offers a Taste of the Future

If you’ve noticed the metal waves along the side of the road on Woolwich Street, then you may have already been a part of the City’s grand experiment in complete roads. For the next week, Woolwich Street will be an example of a “complete street,” what the City’s planners are calling a safe, accessible and sustainable road design that could literally pave the way to the future. Continue reading “Protected Bike Lane Project Offers a Taste of the Future”