Council Preview Update: What Else is on the Agenda for the May 11 Meeting?

Guelph city council will meeting again for the first time in nearly a month on Monday, and there be many things to discuss. Many of those details were not a part of the original agenda released for the meeting last week, but they were part of the amended agenda released Friday afternoon, and there are a lot of new details to go over. Continue reading “Council Preview Update: What Else is on the Agenda for the May 11 Meeting?”

Only Some Minor Changes Coming to Transit Next Month

With September coming, it’s that incredible time of year when it seems like everything gets back to normal. “Normal” is relative in the case of Guelph Transit though, because September is usually the time for some schedule or route changes, and this September is no exception. Continue reading “Only Some Minor Changes Coming to Transit Next Month”

Council and Committee Meeting Dates Till 2019

We’re in the dog days of August, a time when there’s typically no city council meetings to occupy our political time. But this being an election year, the number of council and committee meetings this fall has been cut way back. Still, for those you making your fall schedules, here are the meetings coming up to make a note of. Continue reading “Council and Committee Meeting Dates Till 2019”

Transit Changes to Routes and Schedules Have Begun

Keeping up with the changes to Guelph Transit can be tricky sometimes, but this is one of those occasions where we’re dealing with a lot of information at once. The next few weeks are going to be hard on just about everyone taking the bus as routes and schedules are altered thanks to budget cuts, film shoots, road construction and the end of the school year. Continue reading “Transit Changes to Routes and Schedules Have Begun”