Michael Keefer Warns to Stay Vigilante for Voter Suppression

One week from now, we will know with absolute certainty who the next government will be, whether or not it will last is another question all together. Still, the real question is whether or not the events of 2011 will repeat themselves, specifically, whether or not someone will try to disrupt the democratic process like one Pierre Poutine, who remains at large. University of Guelph Emeritus Professor Michael Keefer also has concerns, but fears it maybe too late to do anything about them. Continue reading “Michael Keefer Warns to Stay Vigilante for Voter Suppression”

Elizabeth May Warns of Robocalls and Other Shenanigans

Elizabeth May brought the Green Party national campaign to the University of Guelph earlier today to talk about their platform for education in Canada. The conversation after the announcement though turned to the young people the Green Party and May are courting, and whether or not they might be depended upon to make it out to the polls on October 19. May’s answer reference a fairly infamous chapter in Guelph political history. Continue reading “Elizabeth May Warns of Robocalls and Other Shenanigans”

Robocalls Doc Coming to Guelph

If you’re still concerned about the events of the 2011 Federal Election, and the robocall scandal that attempted to disenfranchise thousands of Guelph voters, then you’re going to enjoy this night out at the movies. Ottawa filmmaker Peter Smoczynski is bringing his new documentary to Election Day in Canada: The Rise of Voter Suppression to the region in a couple of weeks for screenings in Guelph and Waterloo. It seems that the project is still unfinished, so this is more of a preview screening, but the closer we get to this fall’s Federal Election it seems the more that people are piling on with remembrances in various media of just what happened back in May 2011. Continue reading “Robocalls Doc Coming to Guelph”

Robocall Townhall Shows Community Still Worried

Are you worried about another robocall scandal? Judging from the turnout at a townhall at St. James Anglican Church here in Guelph today, a lot of us are. Between 80 and 100 people showed up for the event organized by Fair Vote Guelph and the St. James’ Environment and Social Justice Committee, and on the eve of the start of the last parliamentary session before the 2015 election, it sure sounded like there was still a lot to be concerned about even after the conviction of Michael Sona last summer. A combination of politicians, experts and ordinary citizens came out to remember how we got here, and what we should be on the look out next. Continue reading “Robocall Townhall Shows Community Still Worried”

Fair Vote Canada Organizing Townhall on Robocalls

Oh no, the game’s not over. If you thought Michael Sona being sentenced to a turn in prison was all you were ever going to hear about the robocall scandal of 2011, think again! With the 2015 Federal Election in the not-too-distant future, Fair Vote Guelph is understandably concerned about the possible return of Pierre Poutine or a confederate. But what are we to do? Did you say “townhall?” Well, Fair Vote Guelph had the same idea, and there’s one taking place later this month. Continue reading “Fair Vote Canada Organizing Townhall on Robocalls”

Farbridge Campaign Takes Credit For Controversial Ad

It wasn’t exactly a “whodunnit?” on par with Agatha Christie, but when the Guelph Tribune appeared on doorsteps across the Royal City Thursday, one ad in particular caught their eye, and it was unknown who might have placed such a provocative bit of negative advertising. Continue reading “Farbridge Campaign Takes Credit For Controversial Ad”

Sona Found Guilty But May Not Have Acted Alone

Wrapping up an odyssey that’s been in play for over three years, Michael Sona was found guilty in a Guelph courtroom this morning of “willfully preventing or endeavouring to prevent an elector from voting.”

After a summation of the trial and the facts offered into evidence, Judge Gary Hearn rendered his judgment to a packed gallery of media and observers at the provincial courthouse on Wyndham Street. Hearn said that upon consideration of the “balance of evidence” he was satisfied that Sona had aided and abetted the May 2, 2011 robocall scheme to misdirect nearly 7,000 Guelph voters to different polling stations, and “was a party to it.” Continue reading “Sona Found Guilty But May Not Have Acted Alone”

Prescott Knows Pierre?

Just when everyone seemed content with the idea that Michael Sona had been run over by the bus enough times, we get breaking news yesterday that the so-called Christian Conservative Independent Andrew Prescott has reached an immunity deal for his alleged involvement in the Pierre Poutine/robocall scandal. According to CBC, Prescott has received notice that “the Crown has no intention” of charging him in connection with misleading phone calls in Guelph on the last Federal Election Day that directed voters to illegitimate polling stations. But if Prescott is getting protection from the law, does that mean he’s turning in evidence on someone else? And of course we mean someone bigger than Sona. Continue reading “Prescott Knows Pierre?”