Burcher Withdraws From Ward 6 Race Though Still on the Ballot

In what’s been something of a trend this election, Council Candidate Lise Burcher has said that though she’s still on the ballot, she’s technically not in the running for one of Ward 6’s two council seats in next month’s municipal election. Continue reading “Burcher Withdraws From Ward 6 Race Though Still on the Ballot”

They may not have been first, but many eyes were on the Liberal Party’s Guelph membership to see who they would be nominating to succeed Frank Valeriote as their nominee in Guelph. Three people submitted their names for the chance to run for the Liberals in this fall’s federal election. By the time it was all said and done, former Guelph Chamber of Commerce President Lloyd Longfield came out on top, but if there was a unifying tone amongst all the potential Liberal nominees it was that they’re very convinced that Stephen Harper is going down this October. Continue reading

Burcher to Official Launch Liberal Nomination Bid

Forget the Federal Election coming – eventually – later this year, the real contest is going on now is the race to see who will become the new Liberal candidate in Guelph after Frank Valeriote announced his retirement last fall. Former Ward 5 councillor Lise Burcher will officially launch her campaign tonight at the Green Room at the Bookshelf. In an already busy campaign for the Liberal nom, Burcher is banking that it’s not to late to make her case. Continue reading “Burcher to Official Launch Liberal Nomination Bid”

Burcher Exits Ward 5 Race

Despite registering to run for re-election the first day that nominations were open, Ward 5 Councillor Lise Burcher has decided to withdraw her name from the ballot. Burcher’s is the second departure from the Ward 5 race in the last two weeks as Robert Routledge withdrew his candidacy last week citing work commitments. Continue reading “Burcher Exits Ward 5 Race”

The Election Year Begins

If you’re still hung over from the New Year’s festivities. sober up(!) because the 2014 Municipal Election is officially underway as of today. Today was the first day that potential candidates could file papers to run for mayor or city councillor in the October 27th election, and both here in Guelph and in Toronto, some early birds were hoping that they have what it takes to get the worm. Continue reading “The Election Year Begins”