GUELPH POLITICAST #18 – Councillor Cam Guthrie

He was the first one in on January 2, and the momentum has been at his back for the 10 months that followed, and now, for Cam Guthrie, it all comes down to what happens on Election Day.

The Ward 4 Councillor and insurance broker has been the presumed frontrunner in the race, holding a steady lead in both support and enthusiasm over the incumbent Mayor Karen Farbridge. But as they say, the only poll that matters is the one on Election Day, and the question remains, in such a close race can the upstart Guthrie get our the vote and take over the city’s top spot from the three-term Farbridge? Guthrie is banking on yes with his “A Better Guelph” plan.

In our conversation, Guthrie and I talked about several planks of his platform including zero-based budgeting, improvements to transit and various measurements of transparency that he would like to implement at City Hall. We also touch in his personal politics, and these very negative last few weeks of the campaign and what we’d like to see post-election day in terms of getting back to a place of civility. In addition, like with all the mayoral candidates, I asked Guthrie what his first year as mayor would look like if he should win, and if there was any issue he thought should have got more attention in this campaign. Near the end, I also touch on a small matter of personal concern regarding a certain CFL team that was based out of Alumni Stadium last year…

Here’s the Politicast interview with Cam Guthrie.

You can learn more about Cam Guthrie’s platform at his website.

The theme music for Guelph Politicast is now provided by Crazy Pills and their song “Break It Down” courtesy of Free Music Archive.

The host for the Guelph Politicast is Podbean. Find more episodes here.

Don’t forget to vote (if you haven’t already) in the the 2014 Guelph Municipal Election on October 27.

The Guelph Politicast will continue with new episodes after the election with interview with newsmakers and people of interest in, from, and concerning Guelph. Stay tuned…

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