Farbridge Gearing Up for Re-Election?

There weren’t any new candidates added to the 2014 election ballot today, maybe the crummy weather has something to do with it. But there was still election news, a tease if you will, and it comes from current Guelph Mayor Karen Farbridge. Is Farbridge about to announce her bid for a third consecutive (and fourth overall) term as the leader of the Royal City?

An invite made the rounds today (or at least made its way to my inbox) that Farbridge has a special announcement planned for Wednesday morning. But what sort of announcement will it be? The e-vite suggested that one should bring a friend along, so it may be good news. The wording in the invite added, “I am writing to invite you to join me at City Hall this week for a special announcement that has me excited and motivated to jump into 2014!” That might mean that Farbridge is excited to be celebrating the final year of her term in office, but it seems more likely that she’s planning a run against Cam Guthrie, John Legere and Nicholas A. Ross in effort to keep her current job.

Either way, we’ll get the full scoop when Farbridge makes her announcement Wednesday at 10 am in the Foyer of City Hall.

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