This Month at Council Part 2: Three Workshops and a Park Name

In part two of our monthly recap of city council, we’re going to cover a laundry list of issues discussed at three council workshops, from parking to systemic racism to growth. And to finish things off, we will review the regular council meeting where some naming controversy was settled with a celebration of Guelph history. Continue reading “This Month at Council Part 2: Three Workshops and a Park Name”

LIVE BLOG: City Council Meeting for April 19, 2021

City council will try again to gain some insight into fighting systemic racism. You can click here for the amended agenda from City Hall, and you can click here for the Politico preview. For the complete blow-by-blow of today’s council meeting, you can follow along on Twitter, or follow the tweets below. You can also watch the City’s own live-stream of the meeting here. Continue reading “LIVE BLOG: City Council Meeting for April 19, 2021”

City Council Preview – What’s on the Agenda for the April 19 Meeting?

For this third Monday of the month, a time when there’s usually no meeting of city council, the horseshoe will be called together for a very timely, and very important conversation about race in our community, and systemic racism in our city structures. Get ready for another council workshop! Continue reading “City Council Preview – What’s on the Agenda for the April 19 Meeting?”

PRESS RELEASE – Immigration Connection Celebrates Fifth Year

Guelph Wellington Local Immigration Partnership will once again be hosting its annual Immigration Connection event a week from today at the Hanlon Convention Centre. Amongst the questions you will have is where is the Hanlon Convention Centre, because not a week goes by that someone doesn’t stop at the front desk of the hotel I work at wondering where it is. (It’s in the plaza at the corner of Woodlawn and the Hanlon. The same one as the Good Will, around the corner where the Three Star Cinema used to be.) And that’s the one piece of information you won’t get from the press release below. Continue reading “PRESS RELEASE – Immigration Connection Celebrates Fifth Year”