Guelph’s Housing Advocates Lay Out the Pre-Election Stakes in Town Hall

There’s a provincial election coming this spring. You may be aware of that, but the Guelph-Wellington Coalition for Social Justice is definitely aware of it, and on Wednesday night they launched a series of events meant to prep the electorate by talking about what are likely to be some of the biggest issues of the 2022 Provincial Election. Topic number one was homelessness and poverty, and the all-star panel is eager to end them for good. Continue reading “Guelph’s Housing Advocates Lay Out the Pre-Election Stakes in Town Hall”

Federal Government Announces Big Investment in Grace Gardens

Housing has been a hot topic of conversation in Guelph and the surrounding area, so any housing announcement from any level of government has got obvious news value. On Wednesday, the value is nearly $6.4 million from the Federal government’s Rapid Housing Initiative, plus $25,000 through the SEED, and $460,000 from the Ontario Priority Housing Initiative. The recipient, in this case, is Grace Gardens. Continue reading “Federal Government Announces Big Investment in Grace Gardens”

Sale of Parkview Motel Finalized, All That’s Left is Rezoning

Grace Gardens took another step closer to becoming a reality today with the announcement from the County of Wellington that the Welcome In Drop In Centre has completed the purchase of the Parkview Motel on Woolwich Street for its conversion to social housing. The next step will be in Guelph’s virtual council chambers on Monday when councillors will vote on whether to approve the rezoning and proceed with the establishment of supportive housing. Continue reading “Sale of Parkview Motel Finalized, All That’s Left is Rezoning”

RECAP: Many, Many Questions About Supportive Housing at Ward 2 Town Hall

The news that Parkview Motel might be turned into supportive housing was the subject for the entire two-hour town hall hosted by Ward 2 Councillors James Gordon and Rodrigo Goller on Thursday evening. Drop In Centre executive director Gail Hoekstra and a series of special guests took questions from the NIMBYs, YIMBYs, and everyone in between. Here’s the recap… Continue reading “RECAP: Many, Many Questions About Supportive Housing at Ward 2 Town Hall”

GUELPH POLITICAST #238 – The Future of Parkview

At the August 24 city council meeting, money from the affordable housing reserve was given to the St. Joseph’s Housing Corporation to help complete a project to provide 65 affordable units to seniors. As a delegate at that meeting, the executive director of the Drop In Centre announced that her non-profit was working on a deal of its own for supportive housing, and that became the story. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #238 – The Future of Parkview”