GUELPH POLITICAST REPLAY – A History of Guelph’s Birthdays

This week, in honour of Canada Day, we have a repeat of the podcast. That doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it is a holiday, and we could all use a nice break from the routine and skullduggery of the pandemic news cycle. So let’s revisit happier times from the recent and distant pasts. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST REPLAY – A History of Guelph’s Birthdays”

How Guelph Marked 100 Years of Canada

One glance at the front page reminds you instantly of the tumultuousness of the 1960s, even if everything going on Guelph seemed as normal as it ever was. In the days before Canada’s centennial, page one of the Guelph Mercury was filled with stories of a world on the brink. From the death of screen legends, to Cold War posturing, to racial tensions in the United States, was it any wonder that the Mercury was asking if this would be the Queen’s last State visit? Continue reading “How Guelph Marked 100 Years of Canada”