GUELPH POLITICAST #160 – Paul Tavares, Homelessness Advocate

Homelessness is a hot issue right now. In the midst of an incredible winter cold spell, it’s probably quite timely that we should think about the people who have no choice but to live out in the elements. But one man is living out in the cold voluntarily, and he’s hoping that his example will galvanize more attention to the plight of homelessness in Ontario. Continue reading “GUELPH POLITICAST #160 – Paul Tavares, Homelessness Advocate”

Ford Decision on Regional Chairs Doesn’t Let Waterloo Off the Hook

On Friday, Premier Doug Ford announced that the Ontario government was cancelling the elections for regional chair in York, Peel, Niagara, and Muskoka. But wait a minute, there are already regional chairs established in Halton, Durham, and one more… Where was that regional chair, again? Oh yeah, Waterloo! Continue reading “Ford Decision on Regional Chairs Doesn’t Let Waterloo Off the Hook”

Never Mind the Smell, the Air is Fine

If you live in the south end of the city, and the air smells vaguely like “dill pickles and burnt plastic” (as one person on Facebook describe it), the good news is that you’re in no danger. The bad news is you might have to live with aroma for a couple of days. Continue reading “Never Mind the Smell, the Air is Fine”

Busker Busting in Cambridge

With the warm weather coming, seeing musicians out on the street with their guitars and instruments, playing along for whatever pocket money passersby may have are about to become a more frequent site. Good thing the police are on the job to stop folky covers of pop songs from interrupting people’s day three-and-a-half minutes at a time. Continue reading “Busker Busting in Cambridge”