Never Mind the Smell, the Air is Fine

If you live in the south end of the city, and the air smells vaguely like “dill pickles and burnt plastic” (as one person on Facebook describe it), the good news is that you’re in no danger. The bad news is you might have to live with aroma for a couple of days. Continue reading “Never Mind the Smell, the Air is Fine”

Film from Budds Fire in 1965 Found and Posted

It was with sadness that Guelphites heard the news earlier this month that Budds would be closing its three locations in Kitchener, Guelph and Simcoe in the new year. On January 10, 1965 though, Budds came close to closing forever in Guelph 50 years in advanced when a fire broke out that Sunday afternoon and completely decimated the store at 111 Wyndham St. N. An 8mm film taken that day was recently donated to my friends at Ed Video, and it was digitzed and posted to YouTube for your historical pleasure. Continue reading “Film from Budds Fire in 1965 Found and Posted”